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Ease And Wizz Plugin For After Effects Free Download

If you're looking for the newest, most innovative plugin for After Effects, look no further than Ease and Wizz. Ease and Wizz is a plugin that was created by talented Matt Logue of with the purpose of simplifying animation workflows in After Effects. The plugin is created with ease-of-use in mind, which means new users won't have to spend hours learning how to use it or deplete time experimenting with features they'll never use. Ease and Wizz offers three key features: easing controls, motion path animation tools, and motion parameter automation. The tools are easy to understand and use, so users will have no difficulty in creating their first project with the plugin. Easing options in Ease and Wizz are based on the original author's previous work with After Effects, Keylight. Because of the familiarity of's previous work in Keylight, users can expect an intuitive interface when using Ease and Wizz Motion path animations are also one of the core features in Ease and Wizz, allowing users to create dynamic motion paths that move along with an object. This means users can immerse themselves into the animation to create a more realistic piece while working in After Effects. Lastly, Ease and Wizz also makes it possible to automate parameter values with ease, which makes animating very quick and easy. The plugin is easy to learn, so users will no doubt be creating interesting projects in no time at all. Features: Motion path animations Simple interface No learning curve Full control over parameter settings Automated motions Coming Soon: Vector and Object manipulation plugins Coming Soon: Folding and Rotating tools Plugin Team: Matthew Logue Logue created this plugin for his own use in the early days of the Keylight plugin. His early work with it on his own projects was what helped him refine and perfect the plugin. After Logue made the plugin, he contacted several collaborators who had since moved on to work on other plugins and built a team to help him keep up with demand. The following people on the team are the core members of Ease and Wizz: This is a list of projects that were created using Ease and Wizz: Ease and Wizz has been featured at numerous events such as:Photography by: Gabi Uleryko https://www.instagram. com/gabilyerko/Ease and Wizz has been featured in magazines such as:In addition to that, Ease and Wizz has been featured on the Unreal forums,,, and many other forums. Finally, Ease and Wizz has been mentioned numerous times on Twitter by animation professionals such as:"Ease And Wizz Makes Life Easy" -Create Digital Motion Magazine "New Easing Plug-in For After Effects Is Like Rocket Fuel For Your Workflow. eccc085e13

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